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The Making of the Music

The Hitchhiker When the opportunity to compose the music for The Hitchhiker presented itself I was very excited because the producers, Lewis Chesler and Riff Markoitz, told me that they had seen my work in Tony Scotts's film "The Hunger," and they said that they wanted the same avant-garde off-the-wall feel that I had created in that film. They explained to me that each episode was being shot as a mini-movie and that I should think of them in that way, and not as a TV series. The list of directors and actors that they got to do the series is a tribute to their vision.

They told me I would have complete freedom of creativity and control over the music, the only caveat being that I meet with the directors of each of the individual episodes and get their input as to what they felt they needed to enhance their episodes. This was truly a composer's dream. They relied on me to compose the music, and when I was finished with each episode, I would express it to Canada, where the postproduction was taking place. After the film was mixed, they would express a video dub of the episode to me at my studio in Los Angeles for me to critique. If I felt that the music had been dealt with incorrectly I would call them and they would make the appropriate changes.

Because of the distinct quality and unusual nature of the series, it quickly became HBO's number one series and consequently became a cult favorite. That created a demand for the music that I could not ignore. Fans from all over the world have contacted me asking if a soundtrack album might be available. To answer their requests, I have compiled the first of 8 soundtrack CDs which will be known as THE MUSIC FROM THE HITCHHIKER. On each CD there will be all the music from three episodes each, and will be presented and released in chronological order as the episodes were originally released on HBO.

I want to thank both Lewis Chesler and Riff Markowitz for giving me the opportunity to write and produce the music that is contained on this CD.

It was both exciting and rewarding to work with so many talented people, all of whom contributed to making "The Hitchhiker" one of television's all-time premier mystery and suspense series.

To say the response to the first CD has been gratifying is an understatement of major degree, and I look forward to releasing the complete set in the near future.

I would also like to thank all the fans from around the world who have made the release of THE MUSIC FROM THE HITCHHIKER possible.

Once again, thank you very much.

Michel Rubini, Composer

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