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NemesisI loved doing this film. Albert Pyun is a great action director and actor Oliver Gruner as the cyber/human government agent was super intense. The story is...

"....circa 2029, in the industrial wasteland known as Los Angeles, there's a covert war raging between the humans and the cyborgs. And as the cyborg conspiracy rages around him, agent Alex Rain discovers that humanity is more than simply a matter of flesh and blood."

"In the style of Blade Runner, The Terminator, and Escape From New York, director Albert Pyun turns this sci-fi spy story into an engine for a visceral thrill ride of sleekly designed action sequences driven by a pounding musical score, a dancing camera and breakneck editing speed..."

"A Must See Film For Sci-Fi And Cyberpunk Fans."

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1: "Jared's Theme" (the theme from Nemesis) 4:04
2: "Nemesis Main Titles" 1:20
3: "On The Hunt" Listen NowDownload 3:33
4: "Big Rocket" 3:44
5: "Down The Slide" Listen NowDownload 1:00
6: "Desert Run" 3:42
7: "Shang Loo" Listen NowDownload 2:11
8: "Blue Julian" 2:41
9: "Hammerheads" Listen NowDownload 3:04
10: "Robotmaniac" 2:28
11: "Exit Anji" 3:01
12: "Cable Ride" 3:19
13: "Marion Face" 2:20
14: "Jared's Theme" (Blue Alex) 2:30
15: "Volcano Run" 3:14
16: "Time To Go" :42
17: "End Credits" 3:23

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