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Secret Dreams

Secret DreamsThis album was recorded late at night, when everything was very still, and I was alone and my mind was very receptive to all the feelings that I have that I usually supress during my normal working day.

It was a solo effort on my part, and everything that I played was totally improvised. There was no prearranging, composing or thought other than just letting the music flow out through me onto the tape.

This music was made with only love in my mind.

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1: "Improvisation I"    Listen NowDownload 3:23
2: "Improvisation II" 8:O1
3: "Improvisation III"  Listen NowDownload 5:O7
4: "Improvisation IV" 11:25
5: "Improvisation V"   Listen NowDownload 7:29
6: "Improvisation VI" 12:O7
7: "Improvisation VII" Listen NowDownload 5:22

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